Natural Turmeric Bentonite Clay Face Mask for Skin Brightening & Anti-Acne 120g with Free Applicator

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turmeric face mask

Why you should use this turmeric bentonite clay mask?

The natural vitamin C turmeric bentonite clay face mask has antioxidant capacity, can improve skin problems with uneven skin complexion, restore the luster of dull skin, reduce free radical damage to the skin, improve skin sagging, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

best turmeric mask

Vitamin C turmeric clay face mask contains curcumin, which has the benefits of reducing inflammation and reducing acne scars.Turmeric clay mask for skin can reduce the appearance of acne, relieve acne inflammation, and repair acne scars.


Anti-Acne,Repairing Acne Scars,

Brightening dull skin,Restore Skin Radiance.                                        

How to use clay face mask?

how to use clay mask       

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