With Free Applicator Retexturizing Pink Rose Clay Face Mask for Brightening, Moisturizing, Exfoliating 120g 4.05oz

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rose pink clay mask

Why you should use this pink rose clay mask?

1. Retexturizing Pink Rose Clay Mask:The Pink Rose Clay Mask contains rose flower extract, which can brighten, moisturize, exfoliated the skin, gently cleanse the skin, retexturizing your skin and make your skin glow and healthy.

2. Facial Nutrients Clay Face Mask:Rich in nutrients that can meet the nutritional needs of the skin, including rose flower extract, papaya fruit extract and collagen, nicotinamide,hyaluronic acid.rose clay mask

3. Exfoliating & Anti-Acne:The pink face clay mask contains kaolin, which helps to polish old skin cells and promote skin exfoliating. Using niacinamide and lactic acid can help improve acne-prone skin and reduce acne spots and breakouts.

4.Moisturizing & Plumping:The rose pink clay face mask contains hyaluronic acid and collagen. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin and gives the skin a hydrated feeling. Collagen helps restore skin collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles,make the skin plump.

 rose clay mask benefits


Brightening, Moisturizing, Exfoliating, Soft Skin, Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

 rose clay face mask

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