Niacinamide Facial Serum for Skin Purify Brightening Anti-Acne 30ml 1fl oz

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1. Enhance Skin Gloss-Niacinamide face seum is a light molecule serum that can purify skin, improve skin gloss, and help smooth orange peel and other rough skin. Make your skin smooth and shiny.

2. Pore Purify  Serum-Niacinamide facial serum for skin can be used to purify skin pores, help clean clogged pores and shrink pores, and control excessive sebum in oily skin.

3. Anti-Acne Serum -5% nicotinamide can be used for acne-prone skin. It has the ability to cleanse skin oils, regulate oil secretion, help soften clogged pores, reduce acne and scars.

【Niacinamide Facial Serum Benefits 】

Niacinamide facial serum for skin can lighten melanin, improve skin tone, help brighten skin, improve skin texture, purify pores, and fight acne.


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