Natural Clay & Mud Face Mask Set 3-packs with Free Silicone Brush (Turmeric Clay Mask ,Green Tea Clay Mask,Dead Sea Mud Mask) 210g 7.5oz

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clay face mask set


Why you should use this natural clay & mud face mask set?

1.Turmeric Clay Face Mask-Turmeric Clay Mask for face can enhance radiance, help to obtain bright and healthy skin, improve uneven skin complexion, and nourish the skin. It can be used on facial skin to fight acne, purify pores and reduce pigmentation.

 turmeric face mask

2.Green Tea Clay Face Mask-Green tea clay mask is like natural antioxidants and cleansers, helping to improve skin oxidation problems and has a deep cleansing effect. The green tea pore cleansing clay face mask helps protect the skin, fight against skin oils and dirt and unclog the pores, making the pores tight. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and comfortable.

 Green Tea Clay Face Mask

3.Dead Sea Mineral Mud Face Mask-Dead Sea Mud Mask is rich in minerals and sea salt, which can help skin renew, and has a gentle exfoliating effect to remove aging skin cells. Helps clean skin pores, discharge oil and toxins, shrink pores, and give your skin provides a feeling of soothing, nourishing and cleansing.Dead Sea Mud Face Mask


Revitalise, control acne, shrink pores, brightening,repairing, oil controling,

deep cleansing,remove blackhead 


How to use clay face mask?

How to apply clay face mask


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