Ceramide Facial Serum Moisturizer for Skin Repairing Hydrating 30ml 1fl oz

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1. CERAMIDE-3 Serum:Ceramide-3 Serum with a concentration of 5%. Ceramide 3 is a natural moisturizing factor. It is the active and stable component of ceramide. It can build a barrier to maintain skin moisture. It is suitable for dry skin. It can make skin moist and elastic and relieve dry skin.

2. 5% & 1% Content:Ceramide repair serum contains 5% ceramide and 1% hyaluronic acid. It is specially formulated to repair the skin barrier and can be used on cracked and dry skin. Ceramide serum helps to strengthen the skin's protective barrier, restore chapped skin, soothe and repair the skin.

3. Powerful Moisturizer Serum:mix 5% ceramide with 1% hyaluronic acid to form a hydration barrier to combat dry skin. Perilla leaf extract can moisturize, calm the skin and soothe sensitive skin.


Ceramide Face Serum Benefits】

Help protect the skin's barrier from aggression and prevent skin moisture loss, rejuvenate sensitive skin, and improve skin elasticity.


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